Let's Be Friends

Hey New Friend! Super cheesy I know but really if you’ve made it to this page I feel like we’re gonna be friends or maybe we already are, so thanks friend! 

my main platform is Instagram so I’ll do my best to keep this up to date but right now I’m a mom to 1 and boy did that take awhile, good thing too because this mom stuff is hard.

my Life is eclectic and its always changing. We farm, we make wine, we watch Netflix whenever we can, frequent Disney travelers and best friends in this house.  My sister is my bestie since birth but ive Made some more along the way which is so important as an adult Too. You need to find your tribe- wise words from Rachel Hollis! Big fan and want to be you when I grow up one day! until then I’ll just be me and share some of it along the way!  

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